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Claims Support

We hope you never have to make a claim under your Oxygen Professional Liability Insurance but, if you do, we are here to help.

If you become aware of a situation or a circumstance which might, just might give rise to a claim, a complaint or even just to client dissatisfaction then please, pick up the phone and talk to us.  Here at Oxygen, we encourage you to talk to us as early on in that process as you possibly can.  Often, if we can get involved early enough, we can help to prevent the situation from escalating.  We would much rather have several 'early' calls which lead to nothing rather than just one call where it is left too late and we are all faced with dealing with a formal complaint or a claim for damages or compensation.

If a situation does develop into a formal complaint or to a claim being made against you, then the team here will help and support you throughout the whole process.  We will ensure that the policy cover is triggered at the appropriate points to get you the specialist help you need and we will liaise with the insurers (and, if you wish, with any lawyers appointed by them) for you and keep you informed throughout.

You will always be given support by a designated member of the team and wont be passed around from pillar to post.  You will be given out of hours contact details in case it helps with discussion of sensitive or confidential issues.


To find out more please contact:

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

Head of Oxygen

T: 01274 760 460

M: 07776 182 255

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Russell Staples
Russell Staples

Team Leader

T: 01274 760460

M: -

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